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WCID17 Update - Mandatory Conservation Required & Continues Through Friday



WCID17 Update - Mandatory
Conservation Required & Continues Through Friday

Travis County WCID No. 17 is
continuing to supply our full capacity to the distribution system. We continue
to see significant water usage in our Steiner Ranch, Apache Shores, Cardinal
Hills and Lakeway areas. We are asking that these residents practice mandatory
water conservation to help ensure a steady supply of water to the customers
that have been without supply for the longest.

For our residents that have had
their service restored, we are asking that they bleed the air from the lines
within their home by opening a faucet and allowing the air to fully escape.
Once they have taken care of their immediate water needs we are asking all
residents to stop dripping their faucets as temperatures are currently above
freezing and practice conservation. We are also asking our customers to refrain
from clothes washing, running dishwashers, showers where possible and any other
activities besides the bare necessities for the next 6-8 hours. By doing so we
can reduce our overall system demand and allow the system to be fully restored.

Our precautionary boil water
notice remains in place for affected areas. This will continue until we can
completely fill and flush the affected areas. Once this is complete, we are
required to take a number of samples that will be analyzed by a State
Laboratory. This process takes a minimum of 24 hours. For more information visit
https://www.wcid17.org/ and see the Boil
Water Notice posted with “News.” We will continue to update the site as more
information becomes available.

Thank you for working together
throughout these challenging times,

This is a Publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association