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Trail Committee Winter Storm Cleanup Days



Trail Committee Winter Storm Cleanup Days


Saturday & Sunday, March 13 & 14 - 1pm to 4pm
Locations to be announced
Lots of damage from the recent winter storm - please come out and help clean-up!

Help clean-up the trails and attend either Saturday, March 13, and/or Sunday, March 14, from 1 pm to when you can for those that will meet in a group.

Locations will be announced and we will provide 'independent study' locations for those that want to help but would rather not meet in a group. Please let morton.eric@gmail.com know if you want an assignment.
  • *MASKS ARE MANDATORY* Please show up wearing a mask. Thank you for respecting everyone that will be participating in the clean-up event.
  • We will have work materials available, however, it is always appreciated if you can bring loppers and clippers for trail maintenance around the area.
  • BRING WATER! It gets extremely hot and humid on the trail.
  • Wear sunscreen, bug spray, boots, safety glasses, a hat/cap, work gloves. We highly recommend wearing long sleeves and pants if you can stand them when it gets hot and humid.
If you have questions, please join our GroupMe: https://web.groupme.com/join_group/22465445/mxWUQN or post them on this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/srtrailcommittee/
Trail Maintenance is inherently risky and injuries do sometimes occur. By participating in this event you agree that you are volunteering at your own risk and assume all responsibility for any injuries sustained.
Trail Maintenance Guide:
Hope you will all join us and help clean up our beautiful trails!
This is a Publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association