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SRMA Board and Travis County February 28th, 2019 Meeting Update - Additional Road for Steiner Ranch



SRMA Board & Travis County Feb 28, 2019 Meeting 

road (Route F)


February 28th , 2019, the Board of Directors for the Steiner Ranch Master
Association, Inc met with Travis County officials, the Commissioner’s Office
representatives and an independent consulting firm retained by Travis County to
further evaluate proposed Association Evacuation Routes. Considering various
critical factors, Travis County recommended Route F (connecting Flat Top Ranch
Road to 620 at the East side of Mansfield Dam) for catastrophic emergencies,
daily use and emergencies.

carefully considering Travis County’s recommendations and the safety,
evacuation and transportation needs of the Association with 4,500+ homes and
15,000+ residents, residents’ inputs as well as community leaders, a majority
of the SRMA Board on March 4th, 2019 concluded that the Travis County’s
recommendation for Route F is the optimal decision and voted for its

are the key takeaways from the February 28th, 2019 SRMA Board and Travis County

  • Travis County and the
    independent consulting firm reviewed dozen of Route options (including Routes
    through Golf Community / Portofino Drive to River Place, end of Quinlan over
    the Lake to 71). Considering various critical factors, 16 County experts
    (Safety & Traffic) scored the Routes and overwhelmingly recommended Route F
    (received highest score).

  • Some of the critical
    factors are:
    – Vehicular (evacuation) Per Hour (VPH for F is 1500, up to 100% more than
    other options)
    of evacuation (straight line of sight versus winding roads, road width - 44
    feet vs 27 ft)
    acquisition complexities (Balcones Canyon Lands / Preserve – BCP)
    complexity (Hills & Canyons)
    feasibility (costs range from few million to upwards of $75M)

  • Travis County will work
    to ensure West Ridge Park and Play Ground are preserved. A new parking lot
    (approximately 30 car capacity) will also be added. Pending further evaluation,
    Travis County also agreed to consider:
    of berms, new landscaping, and sound barriers,
    Sidewalks and walkways,
    light at intersection at 620,
    Association monument at such intersection and other improvements as needed.

  • These improvements will
    help to minimize noise, improve Association aesthetics and provide needed
    traffic safety.

  • Route F also poses no
    further development threat as majority of the land in and around the Route F is
    owned by SRMA HOA and Travis County.

  • Travis County may also
    use various mechanisms to acquire property for Route F, including right of
    condemnation / eminent domain. However, Travis County Commissioner’s Office
    explicitly stated that they prefer to collaborate with SRMA Board in Route F implementation plan and work towards mitigating concerns raised.

Open house with Steiner
Ranch community will be conducted by Travis County in April 2019. Comprehensive
information including Route F renditions will be posted on Travis County
website soon. Details to follow.

For more information about the Route, please
visit: https://www.traviscountytx.gov/tnr/public-works/steiner-ranch-area-evacuation-route-design.


Steiner Ranch Master
Association (SRMA) Board



This is a Publication of The Steiner Ranch Homeowners' Association