Steiner Ranch New Permanent Road

Steiner Ranch Area Emergency Access Project- Route B


Travis County and an independent engineering firm (retained by the County) analyzed and evaluated 12 possible evacuation routes for Steiner Ranch and on July 19, 2019, Travis County Commissioners Court approved moving forward with Emergency Route B. Many factors such as emergency event effectiveness, land/easement acquisition, environmental constraints and project cost were considered to arrive at the selection of Route B.


At this time Route B is projected as a connection of Flat Top Ranch Road to Montview Drive. This route includes a 20’ wide paved road with 2’ shoulders. Two gates are anticipated with the potential for a third gate. The two planned gates are located at Flat Top Ranch Road and the rear lot line of the Montview Lot. The third gate will be determined by the Montview Lot property owner.


These two gates will be manually operated by first responders with a Knox Box (a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire departments, emergency medical services, and sometimes police to retrieve in emergency situations) and padlock only in case of an emergency event. There will be signs indicating the route is not for public use and is to remain closed. In addition, Travis County would like to maintain the integrity of the open space and include aesthetics similar to that existing in this area of Steiner Ranch. The paving system is still in design.


The project is estimated to start by mid-2021 and be completed by beginning of 2022. The project estimated total cost is $650,000.

The learn more, visit the project webpage at Travis County will continue to update the webpage with schedule and information regarding the project as they move forward.